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Why is Synology a valid alternative to Windows for hosting data ?


We have used synology for a few years and must say that the external attacks were very common for anything outwardly facing on the internet. But with the Synology firewall, we were able to prevent Denial of Service attacks by using the Synology firewall technology.

When we installed outwardly facing applications, the ability for the Synology Firewall to determine whether to allow an IP address or deny it was something to behold. If a malicious actor from the Internet from say, China or North Korea tried to hack our system, after the third attempt, the entire system would be unavailable to them, because they were automatically blocked from ever trying to use our system permanently. We would get notices about these attempts and once we looked at the log files, we found that almost 100 different countries tried to penetrate our system with 100% success rate at blocking them. As we ran our backup system using Synologys Active Backup for Business, we were able to monitor those systems as well. And never had a penetration from a bad actor trying to penetrate our system. We often wondered why was this unknown about the security of Synology ?

Read more about Synology’s Firewall Technology here.


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What alternatives are there to Microsoft products? Are they as good ? or do they lack features !

First we have been a user of Microsoft Office since the early days, and it has definately increased in its value to us and many of my clients. The ability to have smart scripts, macros to format all kind of pages is really second to none. You will be hard pressed to find another Office product, however, in our

There are many products that can do roughly the same as Microsoft Office.

Products such as OpenOffice, LibreOffice to name a few. These are the top competitors to Microsoft flagship Office 365 product now. Many people do find that it is difficult to change Office products. We have been using LibreOffice now for almost 2 years and find it a competitive tool. It does lack a few features that Microsoft has in Office 365, but if you dont use those features then try out LibreOffice and even OpenOffice are worth trying out.

Usually these products save in their own native format, and this is the issue that most people have. They have to add a step to convert the document to a doc or xls format. There is also an export as a PDF file, which we find very useful. Some people will enjoy these products, but be aware that there is a learning curve and you will need to look at all the features to see if they will suffice in your environment.


Operating Systems. Is it worth the change to Linux or MAC ?

When we get into the subject of Operating Systems, the author chooses to use Windows 10 since there are many programs that dont run on the other operating system solutions and there are difficult migrations that are required to be installed to run well.

Some of these adapter programs or shell environments, do not allow all of the features in a 64 bit environment, to function as well as Windows 10, so this is why we stick with Windows 10 Pro.

However, if you want to look into Linux, it can be a great exercise, but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart. You will need to first download the version of linux that is compatible with your hardware, and this gets easier all the time as Linux is able to make improvements for compatibility for hardware.

Different Browsers to choose from.


First and foremost there is Google™ Chrome, the standard for people that utilize the free service of Google and Gmail.

Second there is Microsoft’s™ Edge Browser that is now based on the Chromium browser, and there are a few limitations as of todays date to the add ons or plugins due to the security concerns by Microsoft. This is understandable in todays world of hackers going bizerk. This browser is giving Google Chromes browser a run for their money.

Next we have Mozillas Firefox. This is our browser for several reasons that we will go in depth later.

We now have some lesser known browsers such as:

Also consider other browsers as are featured in this article.

CCleaner Browser – This browser is a great alternative and We use it as an additional research too. It has automatic cleaning as well as some good security features. It is available here.


Apple Products are safe from attack ? yes or no

As much as we would like to assume that our friends at Apple are feverishly working to prevent attacks on the OS, more and more cleverly crafted attacks are being designed for the business world which will result in the eventual addition to the MAC world as being able to be compromised. What can we do about it ?

  1. Keep your MAC products updated and check it regularly.
  2. Make sure the browser that you use is updated automatically and monitor it to ensure no threats penetrate the browser.
  3. TURN ON your firewall and make sure that you check all allowed startup programs to make sure you havent been compromised.
  4. Run as a normal user. Do not use your administrator account as your primary account. This can cause you to have security issues that can be compromised by the sophisticated hacker.
  5. Use a good Browser Cache cleaner like CCleaner for the MAC. It will keep your temporay files to a minimun and even free up extra space that you thought you had lost.
  6. Use another browser for the MAC. Read these reviews and decide which one you feel most comfortable with.
  7. Retire old MAC laptops and desktops that lack the security updates. One compromised system can cause an entire network to collapse.
  8. Begin to look for antivirus programs for your MAC. I know that most people think that everything is protected, and we believe generally that it is, but that is where the hackers are working to convince you that MAC is not safe.
  9. Educate yourself. MAC users tend to be a trusting group of people and for that reason alone, MAC is vulnerable.
  10. Begin to be more skeptical about browsing with your MAC. We dont want to be correct in our warning to MAC users and their security issues.
Which Search engine is right for you ?

We are going to vary from mainstream thinking about what a search engine can do. And for our top choice we have is www.wolframalpha.com . This engine provides the perpetual student ,in all of us, a way to get our answers to: Mathematics, Science and Technology as well as Society and Culture. A search engine that is absolutely unexpected but full of surprises. There is no way to say what this search engine can do, and if you are a teacher or student, you may want to consider upgrading to its pro version.

Our second favorite is www.ecosia.com This browser uses the power of the internet to plant trees in many countries that are suffering from deforestation. And I have to say that this company is truly helping the planet. Please support their efforts and use them as much as you can. You can compare their search results from Google or Bing and see which one gives you what you are asking for.

Next on our list of favorites is https://www.startpage.com/sp/search This browser, based in the Netherlands, is a very private search engine and blocks ads from their results. It is definately high on my list and the search results are similar to Google, although not exactly. You may find some other things that may help you in your discovery of the internet and its fantastic resources. StartPages privacy policy is famous in the security sector of internet consulting, and has made a name for themselves as one of the most private of all search engines. They have the ability to search in other countries too and that gives you targeted searches that may assist you in your use of the internet. Make sure to read their privacy and security policy so you understand their business model.

Some lesser known engines that you can experiment with are disconnectsearch, lukol, gigablast, oscobo, metager and also qwant.

To end with DuckDuck go seems fitting since this is where we began years ago and now it has opened up the world to all of us at Total Protective Security.

Each one of these search engines deserves high praises and each one is different in what they provide.


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